Take the leap from push to pull marketing


Audience needs are shifting as more value is being demanded from organizations. The transition requires a large part of today’s marketing efforts to be invested in pull marketing. These types of strategies earn and maintain the audience’s attention over longer periods of time.

Push marketing techniques are the opposite of pull marketing and include cold calls, sending email blasts to paid lists, buying ads and more. These types of activities are ineffective because they buy the audience and carry a high cost (an average of $50k per year) with a steadily decreasing ROI.

Today’s marketing strategies require a balance between the two. Therefore, organizations need to invest time in implementing strong pull marketing techniques to accommodate the future. Common pull marketing strategies include educational newsletters, blogs, and webinars, writing in industry publications, and speaking at industry events. These types of strategies are effective because they are earned over time and develop a loyal audience. The audience gains value because you share relevant information, they are convinced by your expertise and they want to take the next step in the business relationship.

What’s the first step? Make sure you have a website with a strong information architecture and compelling calls-to-action.