China Connect (France)

Multi-Event HomepageChina Connect is the largest European gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, marketing, digital and mobile. This unique event is reaching out to an audience of top-level European marketing and digital decision makers from luxury, cosmetics, fashion, retail, FMCG, food & beverages, automotive, services, communication, media and the international press focusing on the Chinese market.

We first worked with China Connect in 2012 and our collaboration developed into a website rebuild. China Connect was in the process of refining their positioning and their website needed to be a powerful reflection of where they are going.

We created a new event marketing powerhouse.

Single Homepage Per Event, Multi-Event Website

The China Connect team had priorities and our primary concern was to equip them with the content management system to generate new business and launch new events as they need to. We developed a CMS which acts as the control center and engine of their marketing. The CMS allows them to create as many events as they wish, allows them to attribute a different event to each piece of content they upload to any module we developed, and to create as many event homepages with one-click using the single-page template – automatically feeding in all of the content per event at the click of their mouse.


The Freedom of Choice: Call for Action or Countdown Ticker

Our goal for every website we develop is to create an engaging, conversion-driven website. A part of our strategy was to put in place a few tools to facilitate that. These are two one-click solutions available to the China Connect team:

  • Call for Action: Request Info area in the center of each event homepage or
  • Countdown Ticker: Counting down to the next big registration deadline

Request_Info_CFA Countdown_Ticker

Recurring Buttons

Because the marketing ecosystem for an event needs to be accommodating for a large amount of content while making it easy for visitors to find, the next step was to ensure that China Connect could create as many buttons as they needed within certain modules. We worked with China Connect to develop a plan to use these buttons as Call-To-Actions so that the buttons play a crucial role in informing and engaging the visitors.





All event websites currently being built now benefit from a speakers module that makes it easy to add speakers and re-order them. This allows events to put their marketing needs first when making decisions about marketing their conference – without needing to do any HTML.

China Connect can also determine how many speakers appear on the teaser section of the event homepage and define which speakers should appear within the teaser area. When visitors click on “See More Speakers” they automatically see everyone speaking at the event on a page that is automatically created by the CMS.


We gave China Connect the ability to easily create their agenda for each event. So it naturally followed to create an agenda with a format optimized for a single page style website – built to reinforce the presence of the agenda but built it with a slight fade so that the agenda would only appear if visitors wish to expand it by click on “Show More”. This made for a site that maintains the immersive tone.





Finally, we wanted to showcase each agenda session in more depth and give China Connect the opportunity to share them individually on social media sites in an integrated and dynamic way. To achieve this goal, we built a fully customized system that allows them to fulfill all of the required information and upload each agenda item once – the agenda index and interior pages automatically pull what they need. We also addressed the need event’s have to sponsor each session so we allowed each agenda item to have as many sponsors in the sidebar.




The China Connect website benefits from a new system of blogging – a fully automated branded content approach. We came up with a pretty creative way to create the blog that comprises of three main developments:

  • Blog module
  • Main blog homepage
  • Blog area on each event homepage

However – here is where it gets cool – we built it so that the China Connect team only needs to upload an article to the module once. All of the blogs on the site are built with a one-click modular approach. This allows them to mix and match the style of the sections they want for any blog on their site and select which blog category the section will automatically pull content in from. Meanwhile, they benefit from consistently styled blocks to ensure the aesthetic continuity throughout the website.

We even took it one step further, the blog section an the event homepage automatically only pulls content related to its geographical location or theme based on an easy-to-use, yet robust tagging system.


CC Modular Blog