DISCOP (South Africa & Turkey)

DISCOP, namely Discop Africa and Discop Istanbul, are internationally renowned television markets. Both events have long been the destination for content broadcasters, producers and distributors in emerging markets and attract major companies and 2000+ industry professionals annually.

Discop looked to Rockhem to build a cohesive brand strategy and digital marketing ecosystem that would encourage more participation and future growth of the brand.

Event Branding

Discop definitely had an influential position as a leading television trade show in emerging markets but how could we further strengthen how the Discop brand is perceived and clarify their mission all while helping them achieve their ambitious growth goals?

The active, business-oriented and multi-ethnic culture was carried through the visual design. Influencing the typography and colors of the brand identity. Each element of the identity was designed to work in harmony, collectively presenting the Discop events at the forefront of the worldwide television market – as a leading industry events.

While most event brands use complex graphics, we opted for a simple and straight-forward design language – the final logo mark was made to be a symbol of the strong business opportunities and the fast-pace of doing business in foreign regions. Then, we opted to highlight the geographical region of each event in the logo.

da_event_homepageTradeshow Website

Discop needed to redesign and redefine its digital user experience to further engage its audience. We created a website that was really about market exploration and conveying an authentic experience. We utilized a mix of imagery, brand content and social content to give visitors a comprehensive idea of the Discop experience.

To further engage visitors, the content-centric sites anticipate visitors’ needs at all stages of the buying cycle and is a key source of information that inspires its audience extend the experience by sharing Discop content throughout the year. The look, feel and conversion-focused principles extend responsively across all digital media – providing a seamless, user friendly and beautiful digital ecosystem for the Discop audience that magnifies the impact of the event.

DISCOP-ecosystemContent Database

In order to help launch a value-added service for exhibitors and build awareness around the vast amounts of content available at Discop, we developed a content catalog. The catalog is setup to facilitate browsing, visitors can get a quick overview of all the content in a single scrolling page layout. The flyer, key facts are available and the trailer for each piece of content is viewable on-demand. Advanced filters are in place to help visitors narrow down their search – by content category, country and language. This and all other modules on the site are easy-to-use, many of them are one-click functions that allow the Discop team to maintain full autonomy.

Event Advertising & Signage

Discop turned to us to make sure that their print advertisements, banner ads and event signage could inform and engage their participants anytime. We created a set of marketing collateral that firm applied the brand identity we developed and that made all of the important things apparent and easy-to-find.