Gachon Pothier (Paris)


Gachon Pothier is a trendsetter in the Parisian-chic, bohemian-luxe lifestyle sector. It offers lifestyle items in its store in the Marais – the neighborhood where Gachon Pothier’s boutique is located has blossomed into one of the trendiest spots in the world.

Rockhem worked collaboratively with Gachon Pothier’s founders. As a result Gachon Pothier has captured the hearts of design lovers, and has become a media darling with articles appearing repeatedly in major publications worldwide – from Paris Capitale to Elle Déco.


Branding & Identity

When we were asked to create the Gachon Pothier logo, we purposefully shied away from some of the obvious design cliches used for many fashion brand identities. Instead, we developed a script solution that captures their inspirational roots, signature style and ultimately sets the stage for the core of the brand. The script is a very approachable, human expression of the name – which seems appropriate since lifestyles are so highly personal in nature. The resulting logotype uses slightly different characters in a stylish yet practical way – qualities that are perfectly suited to the brand.


Our role at Gachon Pothier was that of a brand operative. In this role we not only helped with the design solution, but also the strategic direction for the brand. We spent many hours discussing and defining the audience and the need for the brand to be based on meaningful and relevant messages. We love the process and what we discovered during that time was that the folks at Gachon Pother are on a mission, they have a definite point of view in regards to the style they stand for. We worked together closely to craft those messages and create the brand, developing a value system and an opportunity for the brand to come true in their spaces, products and services as they develop and thrive. The result is that they unapologetically stand for a cosmopolitan, bohemian chic style.. and that is something not many brands do.


Whether you are searching for hard-to-find decor items, a perfect item for your wardrobe, or that elusive, but oh-so-wonderful fragrance, there is only one place for you: Gachon Pothier. The boutique offers an entire collection of carefully curated products and takes great pride in carrying the most unique product selection in Paris. Parisians have caught on quickly but access is no longer restricted to inhabitants of the City of Light. In Gachon Pothier’s online store, customers across the US, Canada, England and Japan can purchase and enjoy their any item from their collection.

First, Rockhem and Gachon Pothier defined each need for the website: to ensure an excellent user experience, provide advanced search features, accommodate a large selection of unique products with dozens and dozens of variations, create a streamlined navigation, help shoppers make decisions quickly, develop an accelerated checkout process, and steadily work towards creating authentic connections and growing their newsletter list organically. So, essentially, the Gachon Pothier website needs to work hard.

The website also a clean, modern look that supported and enhanced its brand position and its products. The solution turned out to be rather straightforward, the judicious use of typography combined with the obvious grid formations emphasized the cleanliness of the look and aids in its purpose as a sort of shoppable lookbook. In addition, because we know that in today’s world people spend all of their time on their phones, we made sure that the site was fully responsive – fully optimized for all screen sizes.



We immediately set out to build an ecommerce solution that shopping online a natural part of the browsing experience for visitors.  For example, anywhere an item is shown there are shortcuts in place to learn more or purchase each type of product.

We also built a robust system for adding as many variations per product and the essential stock Bracelet_Charm_-_Gachon_Pothiermanagement needed for thousands of handmade item they have in inventory.

In addition, we put in place a system to offer up relevant suggestions based on an advanced algorithm – and we gave them the option to override that algorithm and serve up products that are trending or need to be promoted for other purposes within a single click.

To round out the e-commerce package, we gave Gachon Pothier the ability to easily create a waiting list for any item that is out-of stock. This is especially useful since the nature of their business involves countless handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces from the world over. Most online store systems do not make this easy due to the abundance mass-produced products available for sale today. We built them a system that gives them that flexibility and allows them to use it as a Call-To-Action to engage their visitors and establish a dialogue based on their product(s) of interest.

Product Pages

One of the big challenges of this site was to figure out the best way to present the many variations of each product. While they contain the same set of information as many e-commerce websites – product images, description, list of variations, reviews – we dedicated ourselves to creating a clean UI and automated the workflow of creating products considerably.

In The Press Module

Another part of the site that is deeply interwoven with our easy-to-use CMS functionality is the press section we created. This section is key for up-and-coming brands – a place to show how well the products have caught on, gain credibility and earn trust. We gave Gachon Pothier a fully scalable option, allowing them to add as many press logos as they need. When Gachon Pothier goes to add more press logos into the backend, they simply go to this page add a logo and the grid automatically adds a new, centered row. The site also allows them to easily re-order to press logos at the click of a button.