Mashup Film Festival – Forum des Images (Paris)

Mashup Film Festival WebsiteIn three editions, the MashUp Film Festival has become one of the major events in digital audiovisual creation and has evolved into a strong industry network. Even though the term “mashup” may be unfamiliar, its significance in the digital sphere is ever evolving – it is widely practiced worldwide, without borders and accessible to all. A mashup consists of mixing two or more pieces of content to appear as one. Your Facebook page is the perfect example of a MashUp: the mix of text, photos, videos and sounds created by you and / or others. The phenomenon gives birth to transformative creations that are a part of the culture of sharing and exchange of Web 2.0. Without hesitation, the Forum des Images aims to present the best cases, study them, support and encourage the creation of Mashup’s.

The MashUp Film Festival engaged us to re-develop their website to execute the experience design and create an easy-to-use, yet extremely flexible CMS for their new online platform.

Responsive Layered Header

The MashUp Film Festival wanted a prominent graphic header, but wanted to avoid all of the issues that come with it on smaller screen sizes. Rockhem provided a solution which involved making each part of the header a responsive layer to provide an intuitive mobile experience without sacrificing the striking imagery, that as an audiovisual festival, is paramount to their brand. We delivered a solution that worked for their visitors on every device, kept the bold imagery and loaded more quickly.



Auto-Style Publishing

We created an automatic process that enables the website editor to publish content on the homepage in a repetitive 2-column layout with a 1-column format automatically appearing for every third post. To maintain publishing freedom and autonomy – the MashUp Film Festival has an easy drag and drop feature and the capacity to add as many items on the homepage.

Video Pages

The festival needed to facilitate online viewing of the sessions that took place during the event. In an ideal world, all visitors would be able to access the sessions from any device and have a premium experience while doing so. We are in the business of creating ideal experiences, so we created a page template that delivered exactly what they wanted.