Series Mania Festival – Forum des images (Paris)

We built a sophisticated marketing powerhouse for a leading television festival.

The Series Mania Festival, a program of the Forum des Images, is a French avant-premiere for international television series that takes place annually in Paris, France. The 5th edition boasted 18,000+ attendees in 2014 , it is one of the largest television series festivals in the world. The festival is a showcase for new series and new seasons alike featuring series such as The Game of Thrones (USA), Ray Donovan (USA), Masters of Sex (USA), Real Humans (Intl), Babylon (UK), Francekbek (FR) Devil’s Playground (Itnl), The Crimson Field (UK), Looking (USA), The Walking Dead (USA), Inside N°9 (UK), Helix (USA), Peaky Blinders (UK), Black Sails (USA), Believe (USA), Rectify (USA) and many more.

Series mania site captureDiagnosis

Series Mania’s existing website was not helping them grow and expand their event. The site was not old – less than 2 years – and it also wasn’t really just one website. There were also several other factors at play that contributed to the fact it was ripe for a rebuild – it had become large and the site’s information architecture became unruly. What they needed then, was to rebuild the Series Mania Festival website from the ground up. Our goals included:

  • Create a user-friendly digital platform that serves the needs of their audiences, including the grand public, professionals, and media
  • Build a platform which makes it easier for their constituents to participate and attend premiers and engage with the event on multiple levels
  • Allow the event to come to life throughout the entire year
  • Make the new site responsive for an easy user experience on all devices, regardless of their screen size

Responsive Layered Header

The decision to create a site with a graphically prominent header gave the website the distinct look and feel of a festival but meant more space would be taken up. We wanted to make it ultra-flexible and optimize the header to be a part of a positive experience on all screen sizes. To do so, we took a new approach by creating each part of the header as a separate layer allowing the header to adjust responsively on every device.


Series Pages & Ticket Booking Process

We developed pages that would effectively convey the story of each series premiering at the event and created a one-click booking process.

The series index page and series interior pages are extremely user friendly on the front-end. Visitors simply peruse the pages and click the “Reserver Mes Places” or “Reserve My Seat” button and register their seat.

The one-click booking process is also easy to administrate from the back-end and allows the event organizer full autonomy.


Series Mania Series Interior PageSM peakyblinder


Easy-to-Use Modules


Series Mania Agenda Module

The festival spans eight days and has an ambitious schedule which paved the way for the agenda module we built to look festive, ensure clarity for visitors, ease of use for the team. The agenda module in the backend allows the web administrator to upload and style each agenda item (days and sessions) individually. The agenda items can be re-ordered and linked to any page off- or on-site.



For an event as big as this one we needed to create a partner page that offers the flexibility to add partners quickly and easily. The partner page needed to give more visibility to the four partners at the very top and less prominent but still extremely effective visibility to the following lines of partners. We made this as easy as possible by creating a module that allows them to upload each partner individually and drag and drop them in their place – if a partner is dragged and dropped into the first four on the list the partner will automatically appear slightly larger than the others.


Series Mania Press Page

The press module amplifies the marketing capacity of the website. The press page needed to make it very easy for journalists to find the right contact information and the entire historical record of press releases in one place. The module allows the press department to upload each press release individually and share them as a whole or each individually in its email campaigns or on social media.